Designs in Tile
Tile as a Tool of Transformation
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Decorative tile is transformation made manifest. It is a process that includes everything and pushes away nothing - Science and Art - Spirit and Matter - Form and Function - Fine Art and Craft.

It’s about moving beyond a structured grid, determined by the inherent nature of how tiles are installed, through the use of color, texture, and pattern. It’s wondrous to watch people's reactions! When people see our decorative tile in person, their first impulse is to touch it -- they want a tactile experience. And that simple touch is a portal, affecting and connecting them with something greater than their separate sense of self. On some level, it's like moving from two dimensions to four dimensions and beyond.

My passion is about the process -- the process of creation and the evolution and involution of something as ephemeral as a fleeting mental image into something that contacts the past, the present, and the future in a single moment. A great installation may have its design roots in another time, can last for thousands of years, and emotionally touches people and their lives by creating visual portals of experience that transcend daily life.

The process of creating decorative tile is embodied imagination, and it is the process that moves me – intellectually, physically, and emotionally. The alchemical transmutation of earth, air, water, and fire combines with the most ephemeral qualities of mind – imagination – to perform its magic time and time again. The tile body, made of a myriad variation of earth elements mixed with water, fuses with glaze, made of even more earth elements, to create an almost infinite palette of colors. And the mystery deepens, as the glazes do not divulge their final appearance until being touched by fire.

"What you actually see or experience — what is left —
is merely the residue of the creative process."

And despite the science behind it all, it’s an art. Careful planning or not, knowledge or not, it’s still a matter of grace revealed when the kiln opens.