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Designs In Tile - a unique expression of art,
ornament and architecture in every installation!

Transforming the ordinary house … into an extraordinary home.
Creating a sanctuary ... a place of refuge from the challenges of life.

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Whatever the size of your project, it's important to you. Whether you're undertaking new construction, renovation, or restoration – kitchens, baths, fireplaces, pools, or fountains – you want the best in decorative ceramic tile.

You want your home to be a reflection of your values, taste, and personal style. And you want a trusted partner who respects your vision – and has the expertise and dedication to help you create beautiful results.

And of course you want your project completed in a timely fashion with superb attention to quality and detail!

Perhaps you're:
- An architect or designer with a large-scale residential or commercial project that needs a luxurious, historically authentic, distinctive artistic touch;
- Restoring or building a home in a historic style and seeking a unified theme throughout, complete with accents in unusual applications – window frames, stair risers, phone niches;
- Lovingly restoring your home and seeking a "big picture" design plan to implement over time as your budget allows, creating a retreat that nurtures & nourishes you & your family.

We believe that an environment attuned to your aesthetics helps you experience less stress, more joy, and greater wellbeing. And our clients tell us that when our tile is installed, this is in fact their experience.

We're Designs In Tile – and for over 36 years, we've dedicated ourselves to helping clients transform their homes and workspaces into places of beauty, inspiration, sanctuary, peace, and renewal. For us, it's far more than a business – it's a passion.

From documentary reproductions to stylistic adaptations, we create a unique meld of art, ornament, and architecture for every project – whatever its size and scope.

With thousands of projects under our belts, we have extensive hands-on experience creating historically accurate restorations and adaptations and developing thoroughly planned tile installations. We partner with our clients to create personally meaningful reflections of our clients' values, passions, and individual style – and our clients appreciate our attention to detail, quality, and fine craftsmanship.

Our work is found throughout the United States and in many countries around the world, and our specialists are called on by interior designers, architects, builders, and homeowners to provide insight into historical accuracy, the fine art of restoration and renovation, the science of materials and installation specification, and the skill of project supervision.

We have a deep respect for and sensitivity to what you want and need. From the initial "get acquainted" consultation through the design phase and project supervision, we're with you every step of the way. We work with you to accomplish – and exceed – your aspirations.

We take great pleasure in offering an integration of head, heart, and hand from each artist to every client.

Explore our Project Portfolio to see examples of our work …

Have a project in mind? Contact a Designs in Tile specialist at 530.926.2629 – or read about Working with Designs In Tile to learn more about the project process.

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