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PLEASE NOTE: All tiles shown in the Decorative Tile - Overruns and & Clearance section are sold by LOT. Each LOT consists of a number of tiles. Price shown under an individual tile is for the entire lot.

This part of the store features overruns and clearance items from projects produced by Designs In Tile. Designs In Tile is an Art Tile Studio specializing in custom, historic-styled, hand-decorated ceramic tiles and murals. Operating in the manner of an “Old World Atelier”, we are well known for our quality craftswork, elegant designs and colorations. And yet, Designs In Tile is more than just decorated tile. “Our purpose is to create a unique synthesis of art, ornament and architecture in every installation™”.

Designs In Tile was inspired by the philosophy and art of the Aesthetic Movement (AKA English Arts & Crafts Movement). We pride ourselves on creative collaboration with clients, architects, designers and contractors. Our goal is the revival of "Art Tile", fine art rendered on ceramic tile, and by extension, the creation of a striking and expertly integrated environment. Constant attention to detail is placed on design, as well as layout, for a completely planned installation.

The tile offered encompasses a variety of tile decorating techniques and art styles. After over 30 years of business, we hope we can share our enthusiasm for the medium with you. Please review the information from the Tile Design Library to more fully understand what tiles are appropriate to which historic styles of architecture.

Tiles shown are executed in a variety of techniques. The Victorian Transfer Tile lines - Anglo-Japanese, Neo-Grec, and Gothic Revival - are executed in a similar technique developed by English Art Tile Studios during the 1880's and used to the early 20th century. The designs are printed using a lithographic method and fired into the glazed tile. Our proprietary technique creates very durable tiles that differ from low fired "decal" tiles you may find elsewhere.

Our hand-painted/hand-decorated techniques include underglaze, on-glaze majolica, tube-lined, "cuerda seca" and "cuenca". These techniques have been used from the time of the tile architecture of Persia and Turkey; the Moor's forays into Spain; early Dutch, Italian, Portuguese tile and pottery painters; English adaptations of world collected designs; and further dissemination of historic designs to American Art Tile Studios in the teens and 20's who each put their own special "spin" on the patterns. It's a wonderful history of design. Everyone borrowed from everyone else -- inspiration, designs, techniques, and technology.