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Hand Crafted Stoneware Tile
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Frost Wash - Lot #FWSW:
perfect for wood stove surround or kitchen backsplash

$8.00/ sq ft      41 sq ft 6x6; Frost Wash

$8.00/sq ft      22 sq ft 3x6; Frost Wash

$8.00/sq ft      7 sq ft 3x3; Frost Wash


Craftsman Green Matte (2033H) - Lot #CGMSW 2033H: 

$8.00/sq ft       76 sq ft 6x6; Craftsman Green Matte (2033H)

$8.00/sq ft       14.2 sq ft 4x4; Craftsman Green Matte (2033H)

$8.00/sq ft       8.75 sq ft 3x3; Craftsman Green Matte (2033H)

$6.00 ea           83 pc 2-3/4 x 6; "T" cap; Craftsman Green Matte (2033H)


Cobalt Blue Gloss & Gloss White - Lot # CBGW 3x3: 
$5.00/sq ft      9.875 sq ft total

35 pc (2 sq ft)       3x3 w/lugs;Cobalt Blue Gloss

30 pc                  3x3 w/lugs;Gloss White

95 pc (6 sq ft)       3x3 w/lugs;Frost White Gloss


Gloss White & Dk Crftsman Green Matte - Lot #GWCGM 4x4: 
$5.00/sq ft 5 sq ft total

24 pc      4x4  no lugs; Gloss White

23 pc      4x4; 960F Dk Craftsman Green Matte

6 pc        A-106; 960F Dk Craftsman Green Matte


Sand Gloss - Lot #SG: 

$4.00/sq ft       3.91 sq ft 3x6; Sand Gloss(26 pc)

$4.00/sq ft      1 sq ft 6x6; Sand Gloss (4 pc)


Peach Matte - Lot #MWMP 6x6:

$2.00/sq ft       3.5 sq ft 6x6; Peach Matte 14 pc


Peach Gloss - Lot #PGSW 6x6+ trim: 

$4.00/sq ft       11 sq ft 6x6; Peach Gloss (44 pc)

4 pc      Molding Cap D; Peach Gloss