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Vintage Styled Ceramic Accessories
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$15.00 ea      2 pc Flush Mount Soap; Tile White

$15.00 ea      22 sets Towel Posts - thinset;Tile white; 2x4

$10.00 ea      1 set Towel Post; 2x4; Historic White
             (Bars- Clear plastic, (12) White plastic or (2) Chrome)

$15.00 ea      12 pc Recessed Toilet Tissue; 6x6; Historic White

$15.00 ea      11 pc Recessed Toilet Tissue; 6x6; Tile White

$15.00 ea      18 pc Recessed Soap; 4x6; Historic White

$15.00 ea      5 pc Corner Shelves; Historic White


$7.00 ea     2 sets Towel Posts; Bright White glaze; 2.75 x 4.875; clear plastic bar

$10.00 ea    1 pc Toothbrush; Bright White Glaze; 4.875 x 4.875


American Olean
$7.00 ea      2 sets Towel Posts; Brite White; 2.75 x 4.875; clear plastic bar


$55.00 ea      1 pc Kohler Sink; Farmington; Almond – NEW; undecorated
       (works with Historic White) 2905-47; 8” center set


Towel Bars (your choice - included with towel posts above – first come first served)

12 pc    24” White Plastic

2 pc     24” Chrome

51 pc    24” Clear Plastic