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Creating your home as your refuge

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Your home is your refuge – your sanctuary – away from the challenges of the outside world. You are unique and your home reflects a singular expression of your world as it is conveyed through you. We believe that everything in your home should express your style, taste and values to create an oasis of tranquility and serenity that reflects your vision of your perfect home.

Creating such an expression is our specialty.
An environment attuned to your aesthetics produces
less stress, more joy and greater wellbeing. 

While Robert Beer said,"Art is outside, heart is inside and I believe the real purpose of art is to transform the heart", I believe the purpose of the heart is to also transform the art. It becomes a never-ending spiral of transformation.

As humans we are visual beings. Our body, our heart and our mind are inextricably affected by sensing our environment. And if the heart -- as the center -- the bridge between the body and the mind – is calm, tranquil, and undisturbed – our bodies can fully relax. And we become more joyful within ourselves, with our families and also more productive in our work lives.

Mudita Tileworks, the custom arm of Designs In Tile, creates one-of-a-kind and limited edition murals and panels.

Our custom designs reflect many colorful traditions. We specialize in historically styled and traditional motifs as well as contemporary color palettes.

The word mudita (from the Pali) translates as "joy in the happiness of others".

We, at Mudita Tileworks/Designs in Tile, take great pleasure in offering an integration of head, hand and heart from the artist to every client.