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Miscellaneous Murals & Panels


This Peacock mural, multi-fired and hand-painted, is an adaptation of one done in England in the 1880's.


This panel, replicating a stained glass transom over a door in a Victorian House, was used over another doorway. The high gloss glaze colors are salmon, a variety of peach tones,
celadon and emerald green.


This detail of a fireplace surround and hearth (total 52 sq ft), shows the pattern of 2" square tiles with individually cut 1/4" x 2" liner strips and 1/4" x 1/4" dots, in tones of greys, soft blues, ochres and browns with a creme field. All tiles were individually set with tight joints.


Detail of a stoneware/faience tile backsplash using the "cuerda seca" technique, copied the clients' basketweave patterned wallpaper on 3" x 3" tiles.