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Columbine Cabins & Resort, Columbine CO - Commercial Baths/Showers

Women's Showerhouse

ccbath6 ccbath7
The country Victorian styled sink area of the shower house features mosaic flooring with a custom field and border pattern in pinks and greens to coordinate with the custom wainscot tile and custom hand painted insets of columbine flowers. This shot shows porcelain mosaic floor, overall field pattern and border, contrasting base, 3" x 6" wainscotting, custom molded borders with decorative insets of hand-painted columbines.
ccbath8 ccbath1
Detail of handicap shower with terrazzo pan, contrasting tile baseboard, 3" x 6" wainscot, custom border with hand painted columbine inserts and 4-1/4" x 4-1/4" tile to ceiling. Detail of floor showing how border lines up with field pattern as it turns the corner.


Detail of sink showing wainscot border with cranberry glazed molded rope trim and individually hand-painted columbine flowers as decorative inserts.

Men's Showerhouse

ccbath12 ccbath5
The sink area provides an entrance to the toilet and shower areas. It features custom porcelain mosaic flooring in a field and border pattern and accent tiles in yellow, gold and greens.    
Detail shows how border motifs line up with floor field motifs at the corner.
ccbath4 ccbath3
Detail of floor and wainscot at urinal. Floor mosaic field pattern in greens and golds, with a dark gold base and 3" x 6" sand colored wainscot with molded rope trim and custom handpainted Aspen leaf motifs. 
Detail of sink backspalsh featuring custom colored molded rope liners and custom painted Aspen leaf motifs in greens and golds.


Detail of wainscot border with hand painted
Aspen leaf motifs in greens and golds.