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Hotel Jerome, Aspen CO - Geometric & Mosaic Floor Installations


The Hotel Jerome, Aspen CO, built in 1889, is now fully restored to its original 
elegance, combining Victorian splendor with 20th century comfort.
Designs In Tile replicated the cut-tile geometric pavements and mosaic floors
throughout the Hotel, as well as the guest room fireplace surrounds and hearths.

hjfloor11 hjfloor2 hjfloor13
Hotel Jerome Lobby features cut-tile geometric floor in an octagon and dot pattern. Looking down through atrium-topped, open mezzanine to Lobby below. Hotel Jerome Lobby looking towards the front entrance and reception desk.

hjfloor10 hjfloor12
The original Hotel Jerome Lobby floor was made up of cut-tile geometrics (AKA encaustic tiles) and is reproduced by Designs In Tile. The octagon is buff, the accents are rust and cobalt blue. The entire job was fabricated to be set with minimal 1/16" grout joints. Hotel Jerome's Atrium Lobby features reproduction, cut-tile geometric pavements by Designs In Tile.


hjfloor3 hjfloor6
This guestroom bath in the Hotel Jerome features marble tub surround and historically designed, porcelain mosaic floors by Designs In Tile. Hotel Jerome's Restroom off Lobby features mosaic tile floor with buff field and pink & green accents that coordinates with Bradbury and Bradbury wallpaper.


hjfloor4 hjfloor5
Hotel Jerome's Tea Room/IceCream Parlor, features a porcelain mosaic floor with snowflake motifs and a custom "J" mongram border. Hotel Jerome's Tea Room/Ice Cream Parlor -- with detail of mosaic floor with snowflake motifs and "J" monogram border.


hjfloor7 hjfloor8 hjfloor9
The Jerome Bar is a world-famous watering hole, featuring a custom, Designs In Tile mosaic border with three-toned motifs in the field. The Jerome Bar features a custom, mosaic border by Designs In Tile, that wraps and accents the bar area. The dark tones of the mosaic field complement the rich burgundy walls and velvet banquette.