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Project Portfolio Info
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We offer our Project Portfolio grouped as installations of kitchens, baths, fireplaces, commercial baths, floors, and murals. Within each grouping is a cross-section of styles and techniques of tile -- some based on designs seen in the Tile Design Library section.

Installations include hand-painted decorative tiles and murals, Victorian Transfer tiles, documentary reproductions of tiles from the 20's, selections showing our "subway" tile and our hand-crafted faience tile, as well as decorative patterned mosaics and cut-tile geometrics.

We sincerely hope you enjoy our Project Portfolio. We invite you bookmark our website and return often to see our newest offerings. Remember, we are a custom Art Tile Studio and what you see in the catalog and this website represents about 5% of what we do. We are always happy to discuss your project with you and help design the tile installation of your dreams.