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It's almost effortless!

We are a custom Art Tile Studio in the manner of an Old World Atelier, providing design services from concept through completion. We’re well-known specialists in creating custom reproductions of historic motifs and traditional patterns, as well as adaptations and contemporary designs that are meaningful reflections of our clients’ values, passions, and individual style.

We have the expertise to serve as your consultant, specifier, designer, and artisan in all phases of ceramic tile restoration or new project creation. We approach every project as a unique expression of your needs and aesthetic values.

Our product lines include plain tile and trim, individual decorative tiles, murals, and panels. We’ve designed them to work together, so you can select a fully-integrated installation – or a single decorative design in a plain field. Our decorative tiles are individually made to order.

We respect your budget and time considerations. We recognize that budget often drives choices, so we’re happy to offer suggestions to help you integrate tiles from a variety of sources.

Our projects have been installed worldwide. Even for the most complex projects, your distance from our Studio is no barrier to our ability to help transform your space with a custom tile installation from Designs In Tile!


We work with you to establish delivery dates that meet your needs whenever possible – yet in the spirit of an Old World Atelier, we will not sacrifice the quality of what we produce! We encourage you to begin the design process early in your project planning. Delivery dates for made-to-order tiles are dependent on the size of your order and on our prior commitments – and it’s common for the Studio to be booked as much as a year in advance.

We offer four approaches to planning and scheduling your project.

  1. You can order tile without our consultation or design services. You or your contractor can provide take-downs (quantities of sizes and shapes of tile and trim). We’ll quote the project and provide a time estimate for delivery. When we receive your 50% deposit, your job is scheduled and produced.
  2. When you select our Basic Design Solution, we provide a single, one-on-one consultation. You or your contractor provides take-downs, and we quote the project and provide a time estimate for delivery. When we receive your 50% deposit, your job is scheduled and produced.
  3. When you choose our custom design services, we work with you to create an Advanced Design Solution, which includes a plan for all materials to complete your entire project at one time.
  4. Alternatively, we can complete an Advanced Design Solution and work with you to schedule your project over months or even years.

All Basic and Advanced Design Solution projects begin with an initial 20-minute complimentary “get acquainted” conversation to explore your vision, understand your budget and desired time frame, and begin outlining your design choices.

If you’re selecting materials we have in stock, we’ll provide a quote for your project.

When you approve your design, budget, and schedule, your 50% deposit holds your place in our production queue. We’ll advise you when your job is completed, and upon payment of the balance, we’ll ship it to you for installation.

If you desire our input and expertise to help develop your design decisions, or if your project includes made-to-order tile, we move to the Design Phase of your project.